SSH synchronization

Publishing via FTP / SFTP is well known to the general public, but another method of synchronisation is also possible with some hosting providers.

SSH synchronisation is often faster with a very large number of files. The requirements for SSH are set by your hosting company.

This must allow the use of SSH.

Creating an Ssh connection to a server


On the home page, click on the “New connection” button

Setting up your connection is fairly standard, the only prerequisite being SSH access on your server. Not all hostings offer it.

The authentication used is based on the public/private key principle.

If you are not familiar with this, the WebAcappella wizard will allow you to proceed with the 3 essential steps:

1 - Creation on your computer of the private key and public key in the form of 2 files.

2 files will be generated in the location of your choice.

The file with the extension .pub is the public key.

The second file contains the private key which must be kept safe.

2 - Transmit the public key (extension .pub) to your server using WebAcappella.

This step is automated, only the SSH password of the server will be asked.


3 - Enter your local private key in WebAcappella

The previously created private key will allow WebAcappella to automatically and securely connect to your server.



In practice, only the private key file is really important, it is this one that you must keep secret. This file contains in fact also the public key, that is why you can indicate indifferently to WebAcappella the public or private key file to transmit to the server. WebAcappella will automatically extract the public key from the proposed file.


If you create your keys outside WebAcappella, be careful to use only private keys without paraphrasing. This will not work unless you use a special configuration of your environment (this is beyond the scope of this documentation).