Essential concepts and video tutorials

WebAcappella FUSION is like a building set made up of boxes, rows, columns and web components.

Boxes contain rows. Rows contain columns. Columns contain web components.

Columns can in turn contain rows, which gives you great flexibility in formatting.

Webacappella FUSION allows you to create complex layouts in accordance with current standards.

Video tutorials

All the videos explaining the essential concepts are accessible when you open the software by clicking on the ‘tutorials’ button

Resize columns (Column edit mode)

Each row contains one or more columns, which can be between 1 and 12 units wide. You can resize or move the columns by activating the “edit columns” mode. This mode can be activated or deactivated with the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard.

The arrangement of the columns is screen-dependent.

Customise your site for different screens

Once you have done your first layout for a wide terminal (computer), you can adapt this layout for narrower terminals (mobile).

Cascade mode

The “cascade” mode is available on each line.


This mode can be activated on the screens of your choice to create an overlap of elements.

Different properties for different screens.

You can see the following button on many of the properties:


This button allows you to customise the property according to the current screen.

Hiding elements

You can see in the columns and rows the following button:


This button allows you to hide the item according to the current screen.