Useful tips and mistakes to avoid

Useful tips and mistakes to avoid for the effective construction of your website.

  1. Don’t focus too much on SEO optimization

    A common mistake is to focus too much on SEO, to the point of neglecting other essential aspects of your business, such as content creation and planning communication strategies.

    It is unlikely that improving your SEO score from 97% to 100% will have a significant impact on your ranking in the search results.

    We encourage you to compare the official pages of your WebAcappella competitors using an SEO verification tool (such as Page Insight). You’ll often find that WebAcappella stands out from other solutions such as WordPress, Wix, Sparkle, and others.

  2. Limit the use of more than 2 layouts in WebAcappella

    In general, two layouts (for Lg and Xs screens) are more than enough to ensure excellent display on most devices and screens. This approach will make it much easier to maintain your site.

  3. Avoid abuse of the masking function

    It is not advisable to apply a specific layout to each screen by using the hide function on each of your main boxes. This means creating several versions of each page, which is not particularly useful as you cannot predict the exact dimensions of the screens used by web users. What’s more, it will make maintaining your site complex because of the complicated hierarchy of your page elements.

  4. Avoid adding too many animation effects

    Animation effects can be aesthetically pleasing, but it is essential to use them sparingly. Take your cue from recognised professional sites. Remember that just because it’s technically possible to add an effect doesn’t mean you have to. The main objective is not to confuse your visitors and to ensure that your message is clear.