Import of a site made with WebAcappella GRID (2016)

WebAcappella GRID has a layout system similar to WebAcappella FUSION.

However, in the last 6 years, some elements have become obsolete and many new possibilities have appeared.

We suggest the following approach to continue working on your site with WebAcappella FUSION

  • In WebAcappella GRID, Save your WebAcappella GRID project to create a file with the extension ‘.waprj’

  • In WebAcappella FUSION, import your backup file from the ‘Import’ button.


Your initial WebAcappella GRID file will not be modified in any way.

A new project folder will be created and proposed in the WebAcappella FUSION project list.

About the text boxes

The text boxes are now very different.

There is a strict separation between formatting and textual content (SEO and machine translation compatibility).

This means that images can no longer be integrated into the text in order to optimise the management of multilingual sites (the images are independent of the language)

Converting text boxes will remove size and font variations within the same block of text.

This complex process uses statistics to detect the most effective formatting.

It is essential to check the proposed formatting.