Main interface



At the top, you will find the name of your project and then, to the right, a button allowing you to return to the home screen (the one containing the list of your projects).

Pages and page widgets

On the left, see all your pages and page widgets.

You can rename the elements (which will not affect your site)


Choice of layouts

Choose the layout you are working on at any time


One of the major features is to offer an automatic adjustment of the pages of your site on the various screens of the terminals proposed on the market.


Choosing only 2 layouts for example, will not restrict the display of your project. It will still be visible on all screen formats.

Test and publish


These buttons will allow you to view the results of your creations in a browser.

Testing allows for quick visualisation as the files to be generated are created locally.

Publish represents the final phase in the sense that it is this button that will allow your website project to be visible to all (requires hosting with an FTP server at least).