Google referencing

To optimise your WebAcappella website’s ranking on Google, follow the recommendations below:

Configuring Page Properties

  1. **Page title and description

    These two elements are essential for SEO. Google uses the title and description to identify the content of your page and displays them in the search results.

    • Page title: Be concise and ensure that the title reflects the main content of the page. Ideally, it should be between 60-70 characters.

    • Page description: This is a brief summary of your page to give users an overview. Limit it to 150-160 characters.

  2. **Physical Name of Pages

    The physical name refers to the URL of the page. Give preference to simple, descriptive URLs.

    Example for a page on sports shoes:

    In WebAcappella, define this name via the page properties.

Multilingual website referencing

A multilingual site should be treated like several independent sites for SEO purposes.

  • Submission to Google: Each language must be submitted individually to Google.

    To do this:

    1. Generate a sitemap for each language.

    2. Submit these sitemaps via Google Search Console.

    **Tip: You can also submit only the index for each language. This is useful if your site is simple and the home page clearly refers to the other pages.

Additional Tools and Tips

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights:

    We recommend using the Google PageSpeed Insights analysis tool to evaluate and optimise your site’s performance. Visit:

  2. Verification of Indexed Pages:

    To find out which pages on your site are indexed by Google, type the following in the search bar:

By following these tips, the visibility of your WebAcappella site on Google will be increased, guaranteeing a better experience for your visitors.