Hosting and domain name

What is web hosting?

A web host (or Internet host) is an entity whose purpose is to make websites designed and managed by third parties available to Internet users (Wikipedia).

The main activities of a hosting company are to install, secure and maintain servers to protect them from malicious attacks.

The host provides FTP settings that allow you to upload your files to their servers.

Creating a site therefore requires creating web pages (HTML files for simplicity) and sending them to your host via FTP, thus allowing all Internet users to visit your pages.

What is a domain name?

An Internet address or domain name is the equivalent of your postal address on the Internet (for example: ).

This is how your contacts and customers will find your website on the web. A domain name is therefore essential when creating your website!

How do I get a domain name and hosting?

A hosting service may provide a domain name with its hosting package, but it is possible to get a domain name and hosting from two different providers.

The fees are approximately:

  • 10 eur/year for a domain name only (.com / .fr ).

  • 5 eur/month for hosting for an average site.

See the O2Switch offer: O2SWITCH.