Choice of supplier

The choice of provider depends of course on its use, any applications installed (CMS, forum, etc.) and traffic. However, reliability and ease of configuration are also criteria to be taken into account when choosing a hosting provider.

WebAcappella is mainly based on static pages and uses very few server resources and few technical constraints.

The choice of shared hosting will therefore make sense financially and from the point of view of ease of use.

Forget about free hosting (e.g. FREE or Orange personal page) whose reliability is absolutely not guaranteed.

Here are the hosts that caught our attention

The accommodation we use


  • Shared hosting, but with extensive possibilities.

  • Very responsive and efficient support.

  • Possibility to activate ssh.

  • Competitive domain name prices

A bit complicated for some operations (installation of ssl certificates).


An attractive price and a complete administration console.

  • Shared hosting, but with extensive possibilities.

  • Very responsive and efficient support.

  • Easy to add a domain.

  • Isolation of server applications on the same hosting.

  • Possibility to activate ssh.

  • Very competitive domain name prices

See the O2Switch offer: O2SWITCH.

Which SSL certificate to choose for https?

Always wanting the best for our customers, we have previously acquired an EV SSL certificate.

This ultimate certificate, which is supposed to ensure a nice green bar in browsers, is now displayed like any other certificate in browsers.

This certificate, which is mainly promoted by certificate vendors, has little (if any) influence on customers.

In short, let’s be pragmatic, our experience has shown us that a simple free let’s encrypt certificate is the same for our customers. %2 7s_Encrypt

At o2switch, you just have to click on a button to activate https via the let’s encrypt certificate.

Finally, it should be remembered that a site secured by ssl (https) does not mean that the site is secure, but that the exchanges (card number or personal data) are encrypted.

Some ecommerce professionals, in order to reassure their customers, will therefore prefer a paying SSL certificate (OV SSL or EV SSL) because Internet users will be able to check the physical identity of the seller in the browser (which Internet users generally do not do).

Domain name and renewal

A domain name (.fr or .com for example) is often cheap to buy for the first year (8 to 10 eur).

Be careful when renewing the following year, the domain name can increase from 9 to 15 euros with certain hosting companies.