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WebAcappella is a software for editing responsive websites adapted to reading on mobile screens and smartphones.

Developed by the company Intuisphere, it is THE WYSIWYG website creation software 100% MADE IN FRANCE.

Downloads and purchase
WebAcappella Universal License (FX + Grid)


A responsive and completely free layout
The license works for Mac OS 64bits and Windows 10


WebAcappella Market

This software is no longer commercialized for the moment

Mac OS 64 bits

WebAcappella 4 (2010 - 2017)

Technical assistance is no longer provided since 2017
Visit the forum, the community will be able to answer practical questions and share experiences between users

Mac OSX 32bits


A responsive layout in the form of grids
Bootstrap regulars won't be out of place
The license works for Mac OS 64bits and Windows 10

2 MacOS and Windows web authoring software with one license

- WebAcappella FX (Mac and Windows)
- WebAcappella Grid (Mac and Windows)

Differences between WaFx and WaGrid

Pay once, not subscription

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