Order management and customer areas

1. Folder of orders and customer spaces on the server

Your entire shop (settings, products, etc.) is stored in your WebAcappella FUSION project. However, each new order placed by a customer on your shop will result in a file being added to the following folder on your server:


This folder will not be included in a WebAcappella backup. The command files are in open text format (JSON) and can be modified with any text editor. It is essential to save this folder, especially if you change your hosting server.

2. Managing online orders

The WebAcappella toolbar provides a link to the order management page:


This page is only accessible after your site has been published. Here you can edit orders and change their status (payment validated, shipment in progress, etc.):


3. Delete orders

You can select and delete the commands of your choice. These commands will not actually be deleted from your server, but moved to the :


4. Save orders

You can save all the orders stored on your server. This function is useful for the shop administrator, particularly if you change hosts. All you have to do is place this saved folder on the new hosting space:


5. Export orders in CSV format

Orders can be exported in standard CSV format for integration and processing in spreadsheets such as Excel or LibreOffice :


Export is based on the year and month selected.