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WebAcappella is a software for editing responsive websites adapted to reading on mobile screens and smartphones.

Developed by the company Intuisphere, it is THE WYSIWYG website creation software 100% MADE IN FRANCE.

Compare WebAcappella Fx and WebAcappella Grid

WebAcappella Fx allows you to make responsive sites.
It is based on a completely free layout to the pixel and allows you to create your website in a fast and intuitive way.
On each screen (mobile or computer) you simply arrange your elements and publish in one click

WaFx allows the import of Wa4 project (adjustments will be necessary).

The 2 softwares allow you to forget about programming and let your imagination speak for itself.
Test both, it's free!


WebAcappella Grid is based on a grid layout (Bootstrap style) that requires more patience and learning but allows you to automate some layouts (cascading for mobile).