Tutorial to check FTP - SFTP publishing

WebAcappella uses a standard communication system with your hosting server (FTP - SFTP):

  1. incorrect setting of FTP information (most common).

  2. a temporary malfunction at your host.

  3. a block on your computer (rare).

In order to find the origin of the problem independently of WebAcappella, we suggest that you use an FTP software (Filezilla works very well on Mac and Windows https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client ) and follow the 3 following steps


We are not in a position to provide assistance in setting up a website.

As our software uses a standard publishing system based on FTP or SFTP protocols, the success of your site’s online presence is directly linked to the correct implementation of your hosting.

Manual publishing is possible using an FTP client such as FileZilla

1 - connecting to your hosting server

Enter in the FTP software

  1. The name of the FTP server called FTP Server / Host (usually in the form of: ftp.myftp-server.com or as an ip address: )

  2. Your FTP ID (Login)

  3. Your FTP password


If an error occurs, contact your web host, as your settings may be incorrect or your hosting may be temporarily unavailable.

2 - Sending a test file to the server

Create a text file that you will name hello.txt which will contain for example the text: Hello Word! Using the FTP software, you will select this file and send it to your hosting


If an error occurs, check that the folder on the server is correct and corresponds to the folder with write permissions. If the error persists, ask your web host for details of the folder in which you should place your test file.

3 - Access to your test file ( hello.txt ) on the Internet

Your file has been successfully uploaded to your server! The last step is to check its accessibility from your favorite Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge,…)


Your browser should therefore display the content of your test file: “Hello World”


If an error occurs even though step 2 has been completed correctly, contact your web host to check which folder to put your test file in

4 - WebAcappella software settings

When the 3 previous steps have been successfully completed, fill in the FTP/SFTP settings in WebAcappella


It is the FTP folder in which you have deposited your test file that you will have to report in WebAcappella in the field ‘remote FTP folder’.