Instant translation of your site

WebAcappella is compatible with the Deepl translation service, which is currently recognised as the most efficient (compared to Google and Microsoft). This service is based on the latest advances in artificial intelligence

Setting up instant translation

You must first register on the Deepl website

The rate consists of a fixed price (5 EUR per month) and a supplement depending on the volume to be translated.

Go to the general site properties and the Languages and translations section.

Define your reference language (French in our case). Fill in your API key available on the Deepl website.


Activate automatic translation for the desired languages


Example of operation

Here is our French page


We launch the translation


Our site is now in French and Russian


How the instant translation works

WebAcappella optimises calls to the translation service.

Only texts modified in the reference language will be translated.

Automatic translation can be started at any time in the Tools menu